Solutions by Knowledge

DappX is a leading provider in smart matching of products, services and solutions designed to deliver financial impact through information technology. We bridge the gap between (business) plans and the deployment of specific technologies, providing our clients with solutions that use technology innovatively to maximize financial gains.

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Feel concerned

Doing business is difficult, especially in today's society. A consultant concerned is a must for entrepreneurs. With knowledge and experience we can help your business. Always with an eye for your company, industry and future plans. Together we ensure a sound financial base and a good business structure

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Dare to be responsible

We are first and foremost entrepreneurs. What we invent and advice is based on our knowledge and experience. Skilled people who help shape ideas. Cooperation that can lead to active participation in a new company, product or initiative with money, people and organization. People who are responsible and dare to think and act in options.

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Be proud

We strive for recognition as a benchmark for our quality, efficiency and service by achieving the best results in our industry and making the most of new technologies and markets.


Dec 12, 2011

Jan 24, 2012

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